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Wow. Great! What a great piece of news :)


Please teach the rest of these internet hooligans how to write and rseerach!


Wonderful expalnatoin of facts available here.


Go to the Citizen Audit link. Mankind truly is screwed. Looks like anhetor audit that needs an audit. Still, they say they only found 7% of WG1 references that weren't peer reviewed or grey lit. Hmmm, my Spidey senses are tingling . # IPCC chairman's claim that the report relies solely on peer-reviewed sources is not supported But as we all know, grey literature is allowed.[DC: . You'll have to scroll down to find WG1. The chapters most often attacked (2, 3, 9, 10) are all up around 94-95% peer reviewed references. The remaining 5% appear to be monographs and text books and the like. That's as far as I feel like going for now. ]

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