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Is there a benefit for having the ThingLinks shown to readers, not just search engines? I mean, alphanumeric codes are not exactly great for readability.


We decided to show the code on the thing page because that's helpful if you are labeling your object with the thinglink or trying to locate a thinglink that is attached to a physical object (a CD cover, whatever).

It's possible to embed thinglinks in barcodes and RFIDs so maybe over time the code could be hidden.


Sidetracking a bit, barcodes reminded me of this post on the S60 site: http://blogs.s60.com/tommi/2006/05/2d_barcodes_will_rule_the_eart.html#comments

Bruce Sterling

Hey, that "A-hum" piece isn't half bad!

impressed listener


Thank you very much for writing on us! Thinglink is a beautiful service, so we believe it will come a long way :)


Wondefurl explanation of facts available here.


Never would have thunk I would find this so indisnpesable.

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