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July 24, 2008


Laura Bucci

A very interesting article. I did not about this thing of 'slow style' about Marimekko. Good writing.


Wherever they may be sold,I also love Marimekko designs and have just found a Web Site with the most fabulous range of Marimekko Fabric Wall Hangings.


Thanks for the link Alex! Textiles on the wall are still underappreciated although in the old times for example weavings were as common form of wall art as paintings.

Mika Sihvonen

Marimekko is a one of a kind success story. Armi Ratia was a strong person and a talented artist with a strong vision. Living abroad gave her a wider perspective and teached her to use colours.

The colours of the 60´s are well presented in Marimekko´s products but there´s also a catch. Armi was keen to use only clean and pure basic colours. These clean colours and simple but effective designs has given Marimekko it´s recognisable style and approach to the purity of the fashion and interior design that is known widely.

There´s not too many of these stories in Finnish design history then. And Armi´s son Risto-Matti almost ruined this one too. But luckily there was a person wise enough to save Marimekko and Armi´s legacy.

For me Marimekko represents the quality and the purity of designs and colours. But there´s also some allergy against the motifs of Armi´s art.

This because of the fact that my mom was a true Marimekko fan too. When I was a kid our home has always been an altair for Marimekko. The curtains, clothes, etc. all had a Merimekko touch and our home was a true Marimekko firework then...

But today I really do appreciate both the work of Armi Ratia and the work and effort of Mrs. Kirsti Paakkanen who has done the huge amount of work and put the huge amount of investments to keep Marimekko as it is today. A leading and the most well known Finnish fashion brand of all time.

But I must admit that I´m a bit worried if Marimekko designs and brnad will be used by some large scale companies like H&M. If you ask from me - this will not do any good to the Marimekko´s image.

In Finland we have kept Marimekko as one of the very few companies that has kept it´s Finnish roots untouched then. Globalisation of Marimekko by co-operation with the "monster" cannot be the wise move then.... This may ruin the Marimekko´s image totally.

Of course, there is a possibility that the fashion monster can increase the interest in Marimekko fashion and it´s originality. It is possible that Marimekko will get a tap in the back and more people around the world will get interested in vintage Marimekko stuff too and this may have a dramatic affect to the respect of Armi Ratia´s art, work and legacy then... This is not too bad scenario either...

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