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November 12, 2007



I have just discovered your blog and if this post is any reflection of the rest of it I am going to just simply adore it! I certainly hope that thre is a creft movement afoot. It feels that way to me in any case. Personally I feel like making a huge protest against all the commercialism and mass production out there.

Now I have to read some more!


I loved this post and the reflection (and celebration) of creativity but even more so the idea of being "smart" and creative. Thank you!

Laura Bucci

I just found your blog through radicalcrossstitch.com. I think your manifesto is great and I also enjoyed this posting. I feel crafting is an extension of who I am. I've only been doing it for a couple of years. One thing I wanted to say is that it seems to me that a lot of hobbyists have actually turned professional -- in varying degrees of course as sites like Etsy and others can attest to. The term 'professional' should probably be used very loosely, but nonetheless once you start selling one or two things you do start entering the marketplace and realizing its potential. I don't really have a point but just to say that to me it seems that hobbyists probably often and sometimes unintentionally enter the marketplace in varying degrees. So what was fun is turning into a small business and a better lifestyle because of it.


Great post! I ran across this blog through craftresearch.blogspot.com. I'm definitely quite excited by the prospect of a new Arts and Crafts movement and it's nice to see people connecting things back to William Morris.


I wish I believed that today's trendy crafters were actually concerned with "good materials and sound workmanship" but I don't see much evidence of that. I see a lot of cheap looking crap, glued together and decorated with skulls. I'm hoping that like the fun-fur craze that so many knitters were drawn to, this will pass and they'll eventually demand more of themselves, having discovered that creating something is a thrill. Creating something both beautiful and useful is deeply satisfying.

Scott Constable

I have just discovered your blog and find many points of convergence with my own work and research, which you can visit at http://www.deepcraft.org and http://www.thewowhaus.com

Interestingly, I knew Kevin Henry as a student at SAIC in the early eighties when he was making wooden mechanical devices. This inspires me to get back in touch with him- thanks for making the connection!


Thank You, Scott, and good luck with Deep! Way to go.

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