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December 12, 2006



hi ulla! it was nice to see you at the conference. that one was so big though i really didnt get to see you as i have in the past conferences. it was such a shame. i didnt get to get you up to speed on 360fashion. ulla, are you going to make a post or comment on the whole leweb3 thing?


Hi Anina! Yes, I was thinking about posting on Le Web, I thought it was great. We're just now moving into a new flat so I try to manage that first! ;-) Seeya!

Heikki Huomo


We are the manufacturer of NFC Forum Type 1 Tags. Memory is typ 96 bytes and to be extended in future towards 1-2 kbyte.

Samples and delivery quantities (in volumes larger than 10k units allow potetial delvery delay 3-4 months) are available.

Current form factors: ID1 size (like credit card), 40mm square, 40mm reound, on sticky tape or plastic/paper.

Pls, respond if this is sufficient to your needs.

Terv, Heikki

Ulla Engeström

Hi Heikki, thanks for the note. I'll drop you an email on this.

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