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December 04, 2005



Hi Ulla,

I find this Thing Link logo a bit too unidentifiable and unsexy - it just doesn't have that universal appeal.

Pushing thing link idea forward with a cool symbol might do better justice for the cause???


With colon! I think it "frames" the logo,- giving it "edges". Why red & blue?


Absolutely with colon! It really "frames" the logo as Hoppetossa says, plus it could eventually work alone as "red colon-thing code"

Ulla-Maaria Mutanen

Thanks! I think at least in this version, blue represents the color of links in the Internet. As to stickers, it would be great to see people designing their own versions. I'd be happy to post them on the thinglinks blog.

paul Youlten

A great place to start thinking about corporate IDs is Tony Spaeth's Identity Works webiste:


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