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October 27, 2005



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Some comments on the length of the ThingLink hex string:


Heipä Hei,

Kiva kun satuimme blogillesi. Ihanaa nähdä suomalainen, erilaisen kasityön arvostaja!

<3 Cakesniffer





Dear Ulla-Maaria

I had to write to you to offer congratulations for thinking beyond the horizon of the long tail theory. Being a part of the “Invisible Tail” is a reality to many artistans, especially those from developing regions. You have clearly identified one of the ways in which many producer initiatives in craft are rendered invisible because they just cannot afford, or do not possess the wherewithal, to tap into certain available or required resources.

I am based in the Caribbean, and although there are some success stories from here, it is very difficult for most handcrafted products from the less well-off sections of the region to be a part of the long tail, especially on the www. As you state, “...Without an identifier, the product does not exist on the market. Where product codes end, so does the long tail.”

This is why your thoughts on the matter of unique products identifiers and works of art, design objects, handcrafted products, and products of small-scale manufacturers resonated strongly with me. In addition, your new ideas about WikiProducts - as well ThingLink - are very exciting in their huge potential to create even more fusion in innovation by craftspersons from around the world.

For me, your innovative thoughts on registering products for free on the Internet is a critical step to finding a workable solution between new and available technology, sustainable design, creative education and craft development. This type of entrepreneurial model will allow both traditional and apprentice craftspersons to market directly to the consumer and to retain the control otherwise relinquished to the middleperson. From my perspective, this has always been a major problem in our region.

Continue your admirable work in being a catalyst for revolutionary change in our irresponsible consumption (as you put it) habits. Here's to building sustainable exchanges enriching social and cultural capital in craft everywhere!


I'm planning to make some small, local experiments with ThingLinks in the near future. Now the main challenge lies in the making of a simple interface for registering things. Feedback and comments are warmly welcome!


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