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September 04, 2006



On the subject of small. I tried to find somewhere to leave feedback on Thinglink but failed, so, here goes.

I live in Wales, but only United Kingdom is listed as an option. I think many makers or small scale producers may like to tag their work with their regional identity. Keep up the good work. Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback, Utilly! Right, now regions can be added as tags on things, but adding them to what is now "country" might be a good idea.

Jill Simon

Hi there. i agree with many of your comments - it is difficult, if not impossible, for independent designers to retail in today's environment of mass-production. The Ebays and Amazons are inappropriate for boutique brands. I am launching a company for independent designers and small brands at www.covetique.com. Check out the site and drop me a line. Indepdents need all the support they can get. Jill

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