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June 11, 2005



I hear your wish-list Ulla Maaria, just posted about your talk too: http://www.loiclemeur.com/english/2005/06/the_long_tail_o.html


Thanks Loic! Looking forward to seeing you in Paris!


the wishlist seems really hardcore down to earth "this is what we need" to make this better.

I didn't get to talk to you a lot during the reboot convention, but we met some times..

anyway lets discuss the "own logo" movement it is also a area Im investigating for my creative network.
and mainly it is the reason why i decided to make prograes.com ( it is not running yet, but tonight I will do my first post on the blog..

anyway what practical things can be done to encourage this way of working instead of pro or no logo ?

all the best



Perfect! I wish I could had been there to see your presentation.


Congratulations on starting your project! I just wanted to say that I'm working on a couple of concrete ideas concerning what we could do together. Let's stay in touch! I like the idea of the "own logo movement" :-D.


I was so interested to find your Craft Manifesto and read about your speach for Reboot. I've been thinking about the surge in crafting (in the US) too -- and the
differences between what people are doing now - more hip and cool - than the things our grandmothers made. I in the process of writing a book proposal for a 'how-to' crafty book that feeds into the trend - I would love to email you and get your thoughts - perhaps we can share some information? Thanks for the great perspective about all this!

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