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April 25, 2005



Excellent idea! I also want to be able to re-brand/de-brand my Nikes with my OwnLogo, and I want to do it so it looks cool. I don't want to just use a marker or something, and I don't want a little tag in the margins of a big Nike swoosh.

What we need is instructions and tools for 1) creating and *fabricating* your OwnLogo onto cloth, rubber, lycra, or whatever and 2) *removing* the existing logos on shoes or other products so you can replace them with your OwnLogo.


Thanks for your comment Andrew! What you wrote actually first reminded me about the trend of removing nice logos from branded clothes in the late 1980's and using them for decorating denim jackets. (At least this fantastic idea was a hit among teenagers in Finland!!!) Since that I've seen a Calvin Klein tag attached to a non-CK jacket in Cuba just a year ago.

But what you are saying is personalizing ready made products with a tag that can be identified as your "ownlogo". Wow, it would be great to see examples of this kind of reckless customization! ;-)


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A friend of mine who dressed very scruffy and ripped up, cut off, punk style in the 80s had a habit of attaching designer labels to his things. He'd buy shirts at the Salvation Army and transfer the part that said DKNY to his torn and stained denim vest.

Thanks for the WNYC radio show summary. That's a form of reporting that more blogs should do.


Interesting thoughts. There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal the other day about the boom in online t-shirt retailers. While the article was not about the Long Tail, I think this is a perfect application of it outside of media products (books, DVDs, music). I think this is exactly the same thing that you're talking about in your posting. Click through to my blog if you want to see a quick blog post that I wrote about the article.


this is quite nice idea, a spanish known person (Elsa Pataky) has lauched her own brand name ptky http://www.ptky.net/ another matter is it nice or really "own" or is it launched with the expectation to get to masses again :)

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